Unleashing transformative funding for LGBTI movements

Cape Town • November 9-11, 2024
Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) invites you to the 2024 Global LGBTI Funding Summit.

The conference will take place from 9-11 November in Cape Town, South Africa, in advance of the 2024 ILGA World Conference, where leaders will come together to advance the rights of LGBTI individuals on a global scale.

The first-ever Global LGBTI Funding Summit will unleash transformative funding for LGBTI movements – at a pivotal time for human rights worldwide.

In a world in flux, where political tides shift and regional landscapes evolve unpredictably, our goal to convene and unleash funding for LGBTI movements is more important than ever. It’s a moment to reaffirm our unwavering commitments and forge audacious pathways toward a brighter, more inclusive future for LGBTI communities worldwide.

At the Summit, expect to be captivated by the spirit of collaboration and propelled by a shared sense of purpose. This isn’t just a Conference — it’s a catalyst for change and a springboard for bold and visionary responses to the funding ecosystem’s challenges.

Why should you participate?


Examine the latest evidence on the LGBTI movement’s global funding needs and trends.


Create a platform for donor governments and philanthropic actors to commit bold and ambitious new funding.

Forge collaborative strategies

Collaborate on resourcing LGBTI rights and strategic responses to rising “anti-gender” and authoritarian forces.

GPP has two bodies of stakeholders that support the conference as champions for LGBTI funding