About the Summit

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) invites you to the 2024 Global LGBTI Funding Summit, on November 9-11 in Cape Town, South Africa, in advance of the 2024 ILGA World Conference.

Held over two and a half days, the Global LGBTI Funding Summit will bring together around 200 of the leading funders from across the globe who are committed to equality and inclusive development for LGBTI communities.

About GPP

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) is a collaboration of funders and philanthropic advisors working to expand global philanthropic support to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the Global South and East.

Established in 2009, GPP’s 23 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights. As the first international cohort of LGBTI funders, GPP is internationally recognized as the primary thought leader and go-to partner for donor coordination around global LGBTI work.

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Background about the Conference

The movement for equality and inclusive development for LGBTI communities worldwide has grown significantly over the past decade. Yet, an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape challenges the assumption of linear progress on global LGBTI rights, democracy, and rule of law. Resources are critical for LGBTI civil society to consolidate progress in some contexts and push back against regression in others. Innovative philanthropic investments, and approaches create opportunities to scale up funding and accelerate impacts for LGBTI communities across the world. At the same time, shifting political environments in some of the leading donor countries presents a real threat to the gains made and resources that had been once considered “safe”.

Understanding the critical juncture facing the global LGBTI movement and building on our deep history of convening philanthropic donors, government development actors, high-net-wealth individuals, and others, GPP is organizing the first-ever Global LGBTI Funding Summit in advance of the world’s largest convening of LGBTI civil society, the 2024 ILGA World Conference.

The Summit will take place two days before ILGA World’s Annual Conference. The ILGA World Conference is a global gathering that brings together LGBTI changemakers to share experiences and best practices, build alliances and partnerships, discuss the future of our movement, and collectively chart ways to advance equality worldwide. The next ILGA World Conference, the 31st edition, will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, between November 11-15, 2024 under the theme: Kwa umoja we rise! Find out more about the 2024 ILGA World Conference.

Who can Attend

The Summit welcomes:

  • Representatives of grantmaking organizations and other foundations (private/public)
  • Government and multilateral donors
  • Individual high net-wealth (HNW) donors and philanthropic advisors (including representatives of intermediary funders who are primarily or solely grantmakers)
  • Intermediaries

Propose a session for the Summit agenda

GPP invites you to formally submit a proposal for a session to be included in the Summit’s Program. We are looking for sessions that increase funder knowledge, amplify philanthropic impact, or forge collaborative strategies.

Deadline to submit session proposals is July 26th.